A code editor that stands out for its autocomplete option


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Intype is a simple code editor that stands out because of the original way it carries out its autocomplete function.

All you have to do is hit the tab key once you've begun to enter a certain label, and Intype will complete the rest of the source code associated with that label, including its characteristics and properties.

For example, if you write the term 'table' in HTML and then hit the tab key, Intype will show the properties of that label, such as border, cell spacing and cell padding, as well as the header code.

You can use a long list of languages to program with Intype, which includes C, CSS, DOM, HTML, PHP, JAVA, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, XML, etc.

Notable improvements to the interface such as windows, different selection methods, and file history.


Trial version lasts for 30 days.

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